Colic, bedtime and Baby Caterpillar

Posted by Jennine Cassidy on January 2, 2017 in Helpful Information

Colic, bedtime and Baby Caterpillar name

Colic, bedtime and Baby Caterpillar.

If you have a colicky baby, sometimes over-stimulating your baby can make colic worse, so it is a great idea to keep the room quiet and dark and keep them cuddled and swaddled.  I know there is no fix-it remedy for dealing with colic but there are things that baby expert's recommend to help for short periods of time.  Now I'm no baby expert, however over the 9+ years that I have been providing parents with merino sleepwear solutions for newborn babies, I have talked to many parents, Doctors and baby whispers that are, and have learned a thing or here's a few things you might want to try to help sooth a Colicky baby:

  • Try very gentle massage with small circular motions.  Pay particular attention to the back and tummy area.
  • White noise - Maybe its a good time to vacuum the floor in the room, or put the dishwasher on and put baby to bed beside it.  White noise will help soothe your baby with sound.  You can also get some great white noise options including CD's and 'baby shusher machines' from The Sleep Store. 
  • Give your baby a warm bath.  However, just be careful not to over-stimulate.
  • Burping is really important for colicky babies.  So make sure to take extra time after the last feed to make sure that your baby is wind free.  My favourite position is to sit with baby on my lap, supporting the chest and chin with one hand and with the other hand, gently rub the back between the shoulder blades. 
  • Because experts believe that colic is a result of an immaturity of the digestive system, try keeping baby upright for longer periods after feeding.
  • Swaddling.  Try wrapping/swaddling your baby in naturally warm, soft fabrics such as merino or 100% cotton.  Baby Caterpillar wraps have a fitted body pocket, so you can swaddle the arms and legs without restricting natural movements in the hips and stomach.  Check out our range of merino wraps/swaddles here. or our 100% ultra soft cotton fitted wraps

We all know that colic is something that will be outgrown...eventually, but anything we, as parents can do to help our little ones get a better night sleep I think is worth a try.  And of course it goes without saying that mother knows best, so ANY inkling that it might be more than wind or colic, go straight to your Doctor or the hospital, because there is no substitution for intuition. 

Sleep tight little ones...



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