Eliminate the need for extra bedding this winter with Baby Caterpillar sleeping bags, they are designed to give your little ones a safe and snug nights sleep. We offer sleeping bags made from the purest New Zealand merino in a range of both natural and vibrant colours. Our sleeping bags are manufactured exclusively in New Zealand and are incredibly well made;

The Baby Caterpillar Sizing:

We believe that your toddler shouldn’t outgrow their sleeping bag before they no longer need it.  With that in mind our sleeping bags come in two sizes: Newborn to 1 year this is ideal for a baby that might not like to be swaddled or wrapped, and is very popular for baby gifts.  We also have our popular 3mths to 3yrs, which is the perfect transition for any baby moving on from swaddling/wrapping.  Both size options are generous in length to allow for taller babies to have more wriggle room, and usually means they will fit for longer.   


  • Newborn to 1 year measures 85cm from the shoulder to the bottom of the sleeping bag
  • 3mths to 3yrs measures 112cm from the shoulder to the bottom of the sleeping bag
  • Nickel free snap domes on both shoulders and under the arms for added safety on the larger sleeping bag
  • Reinforced shoulders for maximum strength and durability 
  • Generous arm holes for temperature control and air circulation
  • Seam free sleeping bag for itch-free comfort and extra strength 
  • Full length YKK open-ended side zip providing easy access
  • Double stitching for durability and strength

In New Zealand sleeping bags are usually sold by weight instead of TOG ratings.  There is no direct formula for converting weights to TOG ratings, however our suggestion are as follows:  Standard weight would be similar to a 1.0 - 2.0 and Winter weight would be similar to a 1.5 - 2.5.  This is based on customer feedback and our own research. 

What are the benefits of a sleeping bag?

  • Using a Baby Caterpillar sleeping bag will eliminate the need for extra covers, and allow your baby or toddler to move and kick their legs without feeling constrained, while keeping warm and snug.
  • Ensures your baby's head wont get covered by loose sheets or blankets, which will lower the risk factors associated with SIDS.
  • Allows for easy settling, night time comforting and feeding - you can pick baby up with out disturbing and the bag will become a signal for sleep, so they will drop off easier.
  • Helps prevents adventurous toddlers from climbing out of their cots.

WINTER WEIGHT nb-12mths sleeping bag

$129.95 $109.95

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Why Winter Weight?

The WINTER weight sleeping bags are designed for the coolest months of the year and as a guideline would be similar to wearing a sheet and two thick blankets.  With clothing alternations this sleeping bag can safety be used in temperatures below 18 degrees. Click here for more information. 

  • The merino:-  Each of our sleeping bags has a soft layer of pure NZ Made merino against your babies skin to help absorb and release moisture and trap or circulate air as needed to regulate the temperature.
  • The cotton:-  Rather than using padding to achieve warmth, we use 100% thick, soft brushed cotton for the outer layer.

Fire requirements

Our sleeping bags have been tested and are rated as LOW FIRE DANGER.  However, all fabric are flammable, so it is recommended to stay at least 1 meter away from open fire or gas.  We DO NOT recommend walking around in your sleeping bag for any reason.

Why Merino?

We only use 100% New Zealand made super soft merino which used against your babies skin will help absorb and release moisture and trap or circulate air as needed to regulate the temperature.  Merino will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in the summertime.  Merino is an ideal fabric to use if you suffer from skin sensitivity and because it is natural it is the perfect loving touch. 

CAUTION - keep away from heat and flame

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