Merino Wool and Babies

Try to forget everything you know about wool - when it comes to newborn babies MERINO WOOL is the only choice.  It doesn't matter if it's the middle of Summer or the heart of Winter, merino will work, like magic, to regulate your newborn's temperature.

Whether you need the perfect gift or for everyday wear, our merino sleepwear newborn sets are what you are looking for.

The perfect essential merino set for expectant parents or a newborn. Everything needed to help them settle and sleep from birth to approx 6 months. The set includes our popular merino fitted baby wrap, which works perfectly for nighttime sleeping with our merino gowns (for easy nappy changes at night). Plus it also includes a bassinet/stroller blanket and hat and booties set.


  • 1 x merino baby wrap, sized to fit newborn to approx 3/4mths, or till they start to roll over, whichever comes first.
  • 1 x merino gown with matching FREE knotted beanie, sized to fit newborn to approx 5/6mths
  • 1 x merino & cotton bassinet/stroller blanket in soft gray stripe w/ gray merino, 85cm x 60cm
  • 1 x merino knotted beanie with matching booties, sized to fit approx  0-5 months

PACKAGE DEAL: merino newborn gift set

$229.95 $182.95

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Which merino is right for you?

SUMMER weight (150-165grms) - This is equivalent to wearing COTTON, but with all the cooling benefits and the lightness of merino.  Wear this during the hottest months of the year with a single layer of merino and nappy underneath.  OR, this option is also ideal if you like to layer, for example in Spring and Autumn you would add a merino singlet or bodysuit underneath the drawstring gown or sleepsuit underneath, and then even have the option of adding a blanket over top.  

STANDARD weight (170-190grms) - This is our all-year-round 365 days of the year merino.  This is perfect for wearing without the need for extra layers.  So you would ideally wear a drawstring gown or sleepsuit against newborn skin, and then the wrap over the top and you're done. 

WINTER weight (200-230grms) - The ultimate in softness and warmth.  Wear this weight in Autumn, Winter and Spring, with clothing alternations underneath, but it might be a little warm for the heat of Summer.  This is also ideal if you have a prem baby with low body weight or an extra cool house.  Wear it with merino drawstring gowns or sleepsuits, and add singlets and bodysuits as required.  Make sure whatever you wear against the skin is merino.

Why is Wrapping (or Swaddling) so important?

Swaddling (or wrapping) is used to help newborn babies remain sleeping on their back, which has been proven to reduce occurrences of SIDS.

It helps soothe and settle a fussy baby, especially one that is colicky and irritable. 

Newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature, so using natural fabric when swaddling will help this.

And most importantly, evidence suggests swaddling helps babies sleep longer and more deeply with fewer incidences of waking in an increased ability to resettle themselves.  Meaning everyone gets a better night sleep.

NOTE: Babies should not sleep at night in the matching knotted beanie as this may cause overheating.


Safety first:

  • It is important to never sleep your baby overnight with a beanie or hat on as this may cause over-heating.  Hats purchased with our wraps are for 'out and about'.  Best practice is to keep the room temperature at a comfortable condition for a lightly clothed adult.
  • If you are wrapping or swaddling your baby, then it is important to limit the use of blankets or duvets as well, not only can this lead to overheating, but there is a chance of your baby slipping under the covers while asleep.  Best practice is to add layers UNDER the wrap or swaddle to achieve the desired warmth. 
  • Side or stomach sleeping is not advisable:  Studies have found that the side sleep position is unstable and can increase the change of a baby rolling onto his/her stomach.  Sleep your baby on his/her back for EVERY sleep.
  • Use a firm sleep surface: Best practice is to use a firm mattress, covered by a sheet.
  • Once your baby starts to turn over, you must stop wrapping/swaddling and move to a sleeping bag option. 
  • Ensure that everyone who wraps/swaddles baby are aware of these best practice recommendations.

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